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Why Ron Paul is Unlikely to Become President

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  1. JP says:

    If he really means what he is saying in the last 3 months in this republican campaign, that he wants America back, and if he turns out no to be the presidential candidate with the Republican party, he should consider joining the Justice Party with the ex-mayor of Utah.There is a good chance that
    some senators follow is step. I know a lot of peoples(veterans for example) who are waiting that Dr. Paul jump the fence to get out of their numbness and fight for their country, especially if they have a LEADER like him. Even if he got kill on the way to the presidency or during his mandate, the ball will continue to roll on and things will change inevitably. I’m positive.Anyway there’s a great cosmic change happening in this Solar system and in our Galaxy and the axis of Evil are at the end of their existence and that’s why they are so desperate and want to bring this world to an end. It’s up to us to wake up and fight.

    The ball is rolling …. follow the leader Dr. Paul, clear the path for freedom once and for all.