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White House, CIA and NATO Involved in Heroin Smuggling

JG Vibes  | 1,344 views
September 22, 2012

It has long been proven that the drug trade is one of the primary motivating factors behind western military intervention in Afghanistan.

Last winter an Anonymous hack of the security firm Stratfor revealed more information supporting this fact, but since there were almost 3,000 emails to sift through, this information has not come to light until recently when wikileaks released the emails to a wider audience.

In these emails, Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s brother, Ahmed Wali Karzai was implicated in drug trafficking operations, but the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) was told by the White House and CIA to back off.

This is important because President Hamid Karzai was appointed by the western military industrial complex and has been mostly cooperative with the US and NATO during his time in power, except of course for when hes pandering to the public who want the foreign occupation to end.

One of the Stratfor emails that highlights this clandestine relationship is titled “RE: Humint – Afghanistan – Karzai (Strictly Protect – Confidential)” and says:

The brother of President Karzai of Afghanistan is under investigation by DEA as a major narcotics trafficker.

For political reasons, DEA has been told to backoff by the White House and CIA. DEA is seeing a direct nexus between terrorism and narcotics in Afghanistan with narcotics sales being used to fund jihadist operations.

As we saw with the recent gun running operations that the government has cleared themselves of any responsibility in, it is common practice for them to ship weapons and ammunition to people who are presented as their enemies in the mainstream media dialogue.

Many of the terrorist groups that are creating unrest around the world are directly funded and armed by the CIA and other front organizations.

Control and distribution of various natural resources are one of the primary reasons why governments go to war, and drugs are a very important and very profitable natural resource, just one that is dealt with more covertly than oil or mineral resources.

Keeping this involvement a secret is so important that the military has even killed members of their own organization to keep a lid on the details, as we saw years ago in the case of Pat Tillman.

As I discussed in my hardback book Alchemy of the Modern Renaissance even judging by the establishments very own statistics it is obvious that NATO and the US military are involved in drug smuggling.

From the book: “According to the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime, after the US invasion in 2001 opium production in Afghanistan rose from 7,606 hectares in 2001 to 193,000 hectares in 2007.

That is a 96% increase of opium production since the US has occupied the country. Now that the CIA has control of Afghanistan 93% of the world’s heroin comes from inside its borders. It is certainly no coincidence that in recent history we have seen a surge of drug exportation from war torn countries that were being occupied by western nations.

During the Vietnam War the area surrounding Vietnam was known as “The Golden Triangle”, a hotbed for heroin production.

Now the Golden Triangle has taken a back seat to the “Golden Crescent”, which refers to the area in and around Afghanistan of course.

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