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Washington Prepares War Against China

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  1. Christian says:

    Check out this article.

  2. Jim says:

    The fake prime minister known as julia gillard announce to australians that she is going to china to discuss closer military ties between the 2 countries.

    Any foreign soldiers patrolling Australian streets will be shot is what I have heard on the grapevine.

  3. peter says:

    china is holding 3 trillion of american money start spending it and destroy america

  4. Ed Largy says:

    Good information that fits with the scenario in Ezekiel 36, 37, 38 and 39 of the coming world war III that includes China, Russia, and a coalition of Arab nations. This war planned by the Illuminati over a 100 years ago is meant to eliminate a 1/3rd of the world population as part of culling the useless eaters in the illuminati estimation.

  5. I don’t know if this is a trick to take the USA down, or if Washington’s handlers are really that stupid. We are talking nuclear war here, especially looking at Russia’s arsenal, and Russia ain’t never forgot about the US taking over the Mujahideen and moving them out after a 10+ year long war in Afghanistan. On the other hand, China has as many folks in their military as the population of the US. Not to mention, where would this war be fought? Do you think the Pentagon is stupid enough to invade China, Russia?? They have other means, weather wars, so we will probably see the decimation of the infrastructure of countries as they strike against each other in weather wars. DOD and the pentagon military might is obsolete compared to the technology they have had for over 30 years. These wars will be the new Star Wars, and the people on the ground will be fodder for the cannons. And since the Star wars are taking place in the upper atmosphere, they won’t have to worry about protesters taking a bus there. if the modern day scientist grow some balls, maybe they will warn the masses and tell them exactly what those satellites are being used for. Sooner than later, before they destroy the whole planet. Of course they will have safe havens to go to, but once these havens are located, the battles will prevail, till the very end, when Mother says I have had enough and gives up the ghost, so to speak.

  6. But Gadhafi IS ONE OF THEM. He’s a jew, just like the rest of the people behind the scenes. Why do people keep playing him off like he’s not on their team? That’s insane! Anything to pretend at least one of them here or there aren’t the enemy, but this is not the case. Another fake revolution in Libya, thousands of civilians will get slaughtered and MAYBE they’ll get a new puppet too.

  7. Beetlepumpr says:

    well all ppl here, you may find this a tall tale, but do your homework and browse like the taz Devil, heh and you will find corroborating evidence to support this info. Last month a truck driver hauling perishable foods went one hour into Mexico to deliver his cargo. He was escorted and taken to a military base to drop off the food. funny thing was , is that there were approx. 50,000 Chinese soldiers there with plenty of hardware. this info has been substantiated and proven. they are at the door waiting for the earthquake, then the riots, then the nukes, the the invasion, But THE GREAT I AM HAS ANOTHER PLAN. no it’s not the NWO plan, it’s the Ezekiel 38 war plan, and only a seventh of all those whom partake the invasion here will live to speak about it.
    Also Google up an old mp3 from a fella called David Booth, he had two vivid vision from God. The first was substantiated 100% by the FAA. It was a airliner crash and he named the flight and number and the number killed. It is on Feet to the Fire website. Download and listen. COMET ELENIN,possibly???
    One more thing, right before Oral Roberts died I seen him on a TV show. He spoke of a vision and all he kept repeating was, Fire, fire, fire in the sky, from an object. Hope ya find it, I cannot. PEACE