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Top 40 Ways to Get You Dead or Half Alive

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    The Elite (Illuminati) orchestrated the global econcomic collape to usher in their solution to a condition they created as revealed in the internet-available movies, Zeitgeist and Zeitgeist Addendum, free for internet viewing worldwide in many languages.

    Zeitgesit Addendum, blaming U.S. bankers for the global economic crisis (when they are controlled by European Bankers), was timed to be released in October 2008 at the onset of their planned economic meltdown, blamed on the U.S. government as a corporation that is exploiting third-world countries with created debt that increases their poverty.

    This, in turn, “justifies” the takeover of the U.S. with U.N. troops and the dismantling of U.S. Constitutional law with its attendant freedoms.

    Thus “The Elite” provide a “need” for a Venus Project “solution” of a resource-based world without money debt or law enforcement, that is controlled by a chip-implanted population (which they fail to mention) who “would share all resources equally” with non-polluting renewable energy.

    This insidious plan of human domination is contigent on a worldwide rejection of a Creator, a theme of Zeitgeist, the movie.

    The true intent is revealed by Comments on the Zeitgeist website that “tracking is a natural progression” and belief in a Creator is nonfunctional plus an attempt to downplay Revelation 13 warnings against “mark of the beast” buying and selling controls.

    The one-world control “Elite” have made their intentions quite clear.

    The Messenger