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The Grand Chessboard … Georgia Is Just Another Move

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  1. nana tatiashvili says:

    Helo Dear David,
    thanks so much for publishing this article about my country, my Georgia.
    But I could not read it. It came ouut in August and I was so depressed for this war situation, that i missed it.
    I did not remember my password to get it again.
    Could you please, help my out. It is so important for me to read it.
    Many thanks in advance.

  2. nana tatiashvili says:

    I am so sorry, I did not put tittle of the article.
    It si about war in Georgia,
    “The Grand Chessboard…Georgia’s just Another Move.”
    I missed it. I’d like to get it back somehow. could you please, help me out and send it to me again. Many thanks.

    My e-mail