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The Rothschilds want Putin overthrown

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  1. JP says:

    That self-destructive manipulation by a degenerate and dangerous ruling elite is coming to an end. People on this planet are waking up in a rapid pace. If those neo-imperialists of Wall Street,London and Israhell warmongers decide to go ahead with their war vs Iran/Syria/Russia, they will be checkmated even if they have their private armies and underground bunkers, for ptotection and hiding, nothing will stop JUSTICE to prevail on Earth, because of New Energies of Truth and Justice that are coming in on Earth since 1998 from the center of this Universe through our Galaxy.
    They are trowing at us everything they can to divert our attention from these New Energies with wars, global warming scam, deliberate destruction of environment and marine life,chemtrails, to name a few.
    As Bill Hicks said, it’s only a game, which one WE want to be part of; their game, the matrix of slavery and wars ,or the Cosmic game of Love and Justice?