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The Nazi Roots of the European Union

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  1. Alex says:

    * Thanks for the courage & corroborating edification…as I’ve worked arduously & thoroughly through a mountain of research & come to the same conclusions!…Hopefully, this insidious & now blatantly obvious & glaring conspiracy, will become un-occulted & apocalypse’d (uncovered) for all to see…’Paybacks a bitch!’

  2. Neo says:

    The whole pharmaceutical industrial complex is corrupt. Psychiatry through 1D Western programming has been pushed as based on scientific experimentation and observation. However, psychiatry, like much of medicine (and many other areas) is flawed by design. Volunteers for experiments are different from those people who do not volunteer; in particular, volunteers for life-threatening experimentation may be more obviously so (cf. TGN1412 drug trial). This latter group exhibit inherent suicidal tendencies! Suicidal tendencies have been linked to Toxoplasma gondii infection. Remarkably, around half the population of the World is infected by Toxoplasma gondii. What effect does this infection have on the population? Psychiatry, and indeed medicine, cannot be classed as a science-based profession if two subsets of persons, i.e. those infected and those not infected with Toxoplasma gondii, cannot be distinguished. The effects that the brain parasite infection Toxoplasma gondii has on mental health and the immune system cannot be underestimated. There are many brain parasite infections that cause profound changes in the host; T. cruzi is another such brain parasite infection. Many of these brain parasite infections deplete the body of essential minerals and vitamins, e.g. zinc, melatonin, niacin (vitamin B3), etc. The presence of the brain parasite infection alters the immune system and cytokine production that allows biofilms to proliferate comprising infectious agents (especially fungla including candida) that produce toxic compounds which can cause cancer or switch genes on or off (e.g. causing obesity). The cytokines produced in the brain decouple areas of the brain switching off emotions such as compassion, empathy, etc. and these cytokines can be found in victims of suicide (conflicted host).

  3. alex jesus says:

    Thanku Neo for the info i wasnt aware of that. i wanna say as a direct victim that this is all true. The last time i saw “my doctor” i could only tell her in dismay my problems seem to hail from nazis and aliens, at which she looked at me wildly grinning, almost with pride. Ive been over ten years hooked to death in antipsychotics of which i was never warned. Indeed they pushed their poison at me v skilfully. Everyday is a nightmare which will only end, thatbis, hopefully, with my death. I tried twice setting myself free of this poison and I DIED. And im still hooked. at the same time they talk evil about ie heroin, and i can tell u heroin is candy in comparisson. I wish people would wake up before getting hooked. I will do my best to fight this evil. U got my word on it. Take care people. And be aware.

  4. Thank you, an excellent article, I spoke all about this on my show: