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The Moon is a Spacecraft

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  1. avs says:

    If you´re talking about a Spacecraft it´d be about as large or smaller or perhaps a bit larger than Pluto and it´d make sense that gold could be used as a fuel resource by the inhabitants of that Spacecraft…..not Earth´s Moon.
    If that Spacecraft is operating in Earth´s Orbit , that´d mean that it´s cloaked right now…..and could probably be seen in infrared.
    And isn´t it interesting that Kennedy talked about putting ´a Man´on the Moon and not ´Men´on the Moon? Why just one man? TO WHAT PLACE WAS THIS ONE MAN SUPPOSED TO GO IF IT WASN´T EARTH´S MOON?
    Just a thought…..

  2. Justin Mazza says:

    Wow, you got a backlink from David Icke’s site. Good job!

  3. RR says:

    It seems highly probable that the moon is an artificial construct. Given the age of the materials on the surface it could well be a generational seed ark ship that was sent billions of years ago to colonise the earth. Maybe an ancient civilisation on a planet orbiting a dying sun saw the earth through their telescopes and understood that it was fit to colonise. Knowing that they couldn’t breach the barrier of the speed of light they created this vast construct to take them safely across the vast gulf of space and tens of thousands of years. Maybe the machinery inside seeded the earth with their DNA, from which we, and all life on earth are descended. eventually they knew that a new technological civilisation would arise and explore the moon. Perhaps inside the hollow core there is a repository of their long dead culture. Who knows?

    With regards to gold a more mundane explanation is that the wests gold reserves are being secretly sold to supress the price of gold on the open markets. Why? Because gold is the canary in the coal mine that shows how much fiat currency has been debased by successive administrations printing dollars to keep the military industrial complex going.

  4. M.N says:

    If the most learned humans do not know anything about the Earth’s interior(just below their feet),how would they dare to fantasize about the Moon much higher than the most advanced stealth aircraft can fly.There is much fiction in human science today believed to be true. The past century until now is a time of lies with good intention for most sincere scholars.

  5. sawyer says:

    David Icke says that these intelligent beings who put the moon in place are the reptilians. Wasn’t icke told by the aliens who contacted him that they were disguised so not to freighten him? Are they the same ones who are telling governments that there are some “bad” aliens coming, the reason governments are gearing up for a fight and covering their bases pouring billions into infastructer of underground cities and looking for an off earth site to flee to at their arrival or earth upheavel from whatever means, natural or man made. I know many think much of the bible is made up, but what if it’s the religions that are made up while the experiences with very advanced beings is quite real while the dropouts from one of the crews of these highly advanced beings are now competing with them? That would point to the genesis story as genuine, though the time frame and timing of civilization development not meant to be accurate by our Sun/earth/moon cycles. Rev. 12 says this “woman” has her feet on the moon. Isnt’ that a way of saying this person has a base on the moon? Has there been any woman that said they came from outerspace? Yes, and the last name she used was “Ti” of Ti and Do, Do recognizing that he was like her offspring in wisdom and experience, which is right in line with Rev. 12. I am not a christian but I don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater when we see so many things forcast coming to pass amidst amazing so called coincidences and things that baffle even the greatest minds of science. The reptilians are therefore some of the Luciferian Space Aliens who thrive on whatever they can get from humans. They are already here on earth as they were banished inside the earth and perhaps on another near body. They desperately want to get away from the Earth thus are influencne humans, and though the contactees like david icke. However the group that are coming are evolutionarily way above and beyond humans and human equivilent or reptilian space aliens. They design complete planetary system with certain ones configured to be a “garden” through which can be born new beings in their membership. This is what is at the core of most all religions though lost for lack of sight. So the weeds have taken over the garden thus it’s time to spade it under which is what the Level Above Human beings will be escalating, so they can begin a new garden that will start with a moses like experience and then a Jesus like experience and then finally a Ti and Do type experience.

  6. Somethgblue says:

    How interesting that the three books I’m currently reading and are on my nightstand is The Human Race by David icke, The Source Field Investigations by David Wilcok and Who Built the Moon by Christopher Knight . . . talk about synchronicity.

    Then i come across your article and it pulls it altogether.

    Thanks for sharing, well written!

  7. Truth says:

    An interesting article. What is our moo? My research points to the fact that the moon is hollow and was placed into orbit by an advanced group to, and this is important, stabilise the orbit of Earth around the sun and to also harmanize our weather. Now if the NutCases destroy the moon, our weather would become very severe and alarming, also, our rotation and orbit would be badly affected. The moon is a stabilising influence.