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Syria: The US Overtly Takes the Side of the Terrorists

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  1. Rhiame says:

    Let’s remember that all this non-sense happens because of us, consenting Citizen-Tax payers. When are we going to stop giving our power away by voting for external authority representatives? When are we going to stop acting like poor powerless sheep who think they need a shepherd-government to take care of them? I look around me, and I am not convinced that governments really care about their citizens? I even realized that governments are puppets on a theatrical scene, whose function is to distract the people from what is going on in the background. The reality is that the government sleeps with Big Money – Banks and Industry.

    When are we going to remember who we are, unlimited sovereign creators, and stop collaborating with an enslavement system through paying taxes and working for big corporations? Let’s realize that by stopping paying taxes and working for companies that manufacture weapons and chemicals, no war could take place. What makes us pay taxes is our fear of loosing our illusionary material comfort and security. What makes us work for such companies is our fear of lacking of money as if it was the only means to create wealth and abundance.

    Human beings are by essence creative peaceful beings. Do you think we would do worse than what is going on right now on the planet if we did not have governments? I personally believe we would do much better on our own. I don’t know much people around me who are cheerfully willing to go to a senseless destructive job, wage war or fight on the front-line. There’s a solution to this 3-D nightmare; would you dare taking action?