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Open Letter to Christian US Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan

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  1. […] An Open Letter to Christian US Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan: Who and Whose are you? An ex-Army elite powerfully describes why our culture of violence and revenge is diametrically opposed to the radical message of Jesus. Loving the enemy neutralizes the category of enemy.Unfortunately, even with phalanxes of chaplains ready to distort and press the message of Christ into the business of war, this means that you are now part of an organization that has no reason to exist without an enemy. The ethic of the military is inscribed in the infantry phrase, “close with The Enemy and destroy him.” The ethic of Christ is inscribed in neighbor-love ‚Äî love of anyone who is near, and enemy-love ‚Äî the unmaking of the category of “enemy.” These two perspectives ‚Äî military doctrine and the ethic of Christ ‚Äî cannot be reconciled. … Christ told you to “love your enemies.” Break the cycle of enemy-making. […]