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News is to the mind what sugar is to the body

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    Okay, so we know the world is f—–d, what are going to do about it??? It probably looks like this: Really stupid people will die soon, really stupid people will continue eating junk food, boozing, drugging, getting AID’s and other killing diseases, no matter what they read, but they don’t read, they only sit and plug that gap in their face with chips, crisps, and sodas. To see them is to barf, to explain to them is a waste of time, so, it really is Live and Let Die, quote unquote. The irony is, the very people who make and distribute the chemicals, junk food, toxic drugs are affected by them themselves, except for some doctors and all psychiatrists, none of them would take their killing drugs, but sociopaths, as all psychiatrist are, find joy is killing life because their already dead, as all sociopaths are. There’s an easy solution, change everything, close banks, shut down the media, torch Wall Street, and tell those girly men politicians Viagra won’t save them, but many are gay anyway. Wow, what a life!

  2. admin says:

    Sorry, Robert, three mistakes. First, “they” don’t eat the same food as we do, don’t drink the same water, and many of “them” don’t breath the same air as the rest of us; if at all they use medication, it’s not the same either. Second, they can ‘update’ their organs at will (they have a huge ‘lifestock’ of ‘disappearing’ young people and children for that). And third, you cannot break down their system without first inventing and building a new one, otherwise the world just won’t ‘work’ 😉