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Mind Control Through Falsification of History

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  1. Luke says:

    Absolutely agree. But the misinformation in history dates back to the times long before the bible. When some men decided they had the right to keep people ignorant and reserve themselves the right to speak to god, on behalf of people and for their own good. All information is upside down, when some pretend to be the chosen ones and make war in name of a god, that elite is rotten and that god is false.

  2. Lesley Chapman says:

    The article is interesting and I have made it a policy to check and recheck history through documentaries and the internet. I would like to make one criticism. Australia didn’t expunge all Aboriginal culture in the early 20th century. Many children were handed over to the Missions by their mothers as they had been raped by black or white men and some children had been taken to orphanages because they had been deserted by their parents. Some were forcefully taken away but in most cases the parents were alcoholics. (This has been covered up by activists) They were taught to read and write so they would be able to get work later in life. The authorities didn’t have the resources to have them taught their own Aboriginal dialect (of which there are many) There is a big problem wiith drinking and sexual abuse in Aboriginal communities and this has been exacerbated by government handouts. I know this because I have seen documented proof and people have told me who were involved in the orphanages and churches.

  3. admin says:

    If you “have made it a policy to check and recheck”, then how could you miss the List of massacres of Indigenous Australians at Wikipedia? 😉

  4. Lesley Chapman says:

    Yes, I realize that they were massacred and their skulls were sometimes sent to British Museums to be put on display. (Many have since been returned to their tribes for burial) Thousands were murdered because many people thought that they were ‘missing links’ and not human. Australia, especially Tasmania was a particularly violent place in past centuries.

    My point was not to downplay the horrors but to show the reality of how things are now and that not all white people are out to harm Aboriginal people.

    They, like everyone else have a personal responsibility to the community and to each other. Many Aboriginal politicians and leaders are working to get them out of the welfare culture and their pattern of abuse to women and children. The worse thing the Australian government can do is to throw money at them and leave them to their own devices.