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Is Facebook an Intelligence False Flag Operation?

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  1. OLive says:

    Don’t underestimate them, your masters.

    You understand how this great spider’s web of power, money, influence and control that holds us in its grip, has ever held us in its grip, can and does create the reality which we endure?
    You know they created Hitler and the Nazis. They created Lenin and the “communist” revolution. The vast and intricate control they wield now defies the understanding of most people, but you see it. They own the power that you use, the food that you eat, the water that you drink, the TV that you watch, the books that you read, the education that you receive, the medicine that you are given. They stride the world bringing death where they will, spewing filth into our mother earth, murdering and poisoning and defiling and debasing what we are.

    These things you know.

    And in their councils centuries ago they saw us coming of age, perhaps knew these days would come because they have a knowledge that is beyond our consideration, a knowledge they have held for millennia, a knowledge that speaks of things outside our realisation.
    A knowledge that should and will be ours.
    A knowledge they fear our gaining of.

    These things you know or draw logical conclusions about.

    For a moment, see how they have held the world in their grip and for how long and understand what there is in the vaults of their understanding that we can only guess at or dream of.

    And now, think of the internet.

    And Twitter and Facebook and all that is so new.

    Placed into our hands by them. Their money, their corporations, their law, their infrastructure.
    And think then of the vast variety of truth seeking websites, the leading names in what is rapidly now becoming a movement of a thousand different “points of light”, the world-changing swell in the tides and affairs of humanity that is evident now, the innumerable avenues of research, the events that sparked people to begin their individual searches for truth, the year in which we find ourselves now and how it has been that this year means so much to so many and raises the hopes and fears of a world of different people…..

    And understand that there is quite simply no way that our masters would have allowed this thing to go unchecked.

    This too, I guess, you know.

    Further, look at the evidence and you can understand that the whole thing is of their creation, instigated by them centuries ago, the seeds of vast deceptions planted in the consciousness of humanity that have slowly grown, spread their roots and now approach inflorescence.
    Look at things like Zeitgeist and Thrive and see the Blavatsky formulated luciferianism. See Icke and see the Rothschild inspired anti-semitism and trace it back too to Alice Bailey and Aleister Crowley. See thousands of others….and understand that they are part of what appears to be a natural groundswell of individuals giving the appearance of lone wolves when in fact they are a part of a ravening pack.

    In short, we are being lied to again.
    Just as bible readers have been lied to. And koran readers.

    All this I guess you see if your eyes are open.

    Know too that, like those lost in religion, you too are expected to defend what you have been given to believe and those you are supposed to have come to venerate and to laud to your family and friends and whose words you weave into the thread of your life.

    You are supposed to spread the new gospel.

    And like so many before, you will be urged to reach for the sword to defend it.
    If you are a son or daughter of the colour revolutions or the Arab spring or a Libyan you already have, for this endgame is on.
    And having done so, you will in their plans become part of the new pyramid of power.
    Some of you already are.

    And soon something EXTRA will be added to the mix. Something that makes you believe….
    It’s what they usually do.

    These things, this Magick has been done before, so often that you’d think people would see through them, but the reason people don’t is because they are a part of the picture, looking out from inside, and so are blind.

    And that, dear friend, is Magick.

    It is a very complex and intricate conjuring trick that fools your consciousness and makes you believe that you are acting out of free will and that you are doing the right thing and that change is coming and you are a part of that change out of free will.



    You are the New World Order!

    And if these words have planted the seed, know that it is the seed of the tree of love, born of the knowledge of good and evil, and it will grow beautiful and give shade and respite for humanity as more seeds are planted and the tree of love becomes a forest encompassing our world and sheltering the family that is humanity in its spreading canopy.

    Love to you all,
    Olive Farmer xxx xxx xxx

    Olive Farmer blog