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Impunity at Home, Rendition Abroad

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  1. DDearborn says:


    One could make a valid arguement that 9-11 was in fact an “inside” job conducted by rogue elements within the government in conjuction with operatives from Israel. And that the real goal has nothing what so ever to do with the Middle East. Instead the goal is nothing less than the take over of the US. And looking back over the last decade I would say they have gone a long way toward their goal. The number one obstacle was of course the Constitution and the pesky Bill of Rights. And as those zionists and neocons postulated in 1999 it would take a “pearl harbor type event” to dismantle our “inalienable rights”. At this point the only thing left standing between the American people and a true totalitarian police state is the 2nd Amendment. And as recent events are showing the final assault on this lynch pin of our Republic is well underway.