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How the Media Manipulates the World into War

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  1. little guy says:

    Who controls the media? Let’s take a truthful look at that, shall we?

    General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt is a Jew.
    Time Warner CEO Jeffrey Bewkes is Jewish.
    Turner Broadcasting System Chairman and CEO Philip Kent is a Jew
    The Walt Disney Co. CEO Robert Iger is a Jew.
    Viacom Sumner Redstone (aka Murray Rothstein) Chairman; Philippe Dauman, CEO. Both are Jewish.
    News Corp. Chairman/CEO Rupert Murdoch is a Zionist with Jewish ancestry
    Paramount Pictures Chairman Brad Grey is Jewish.
    Sony Pictures Chairman Michael Lynton is Jewish.
    Warner Bros. Chairman Barry Meyer is a Jew.
    CBS Corp. Chief Executive Leslie Moonves is Jewish.
    MGM Chairlady Mary Parent (unknown) ex-Chairman Harry Sloan is a Jew.
    NBC Universal Chief Executive Jeff Zucker is Jewish.

    Hmm…that’s not even counting all the Jewish writers, producers, etc., who full these media companies.

    I read the article…I don’t think I read anything about Jews being involved at all. How the heck can that be?! Talk about a major oversight…it’s like James Corbett didn’t even look into this issue at all. Or, maybe he did and he’s deliberately trying to obfuscate those who are seeking to learn about this massively important issue!

    Disinformation operatives every where we look!

    PS…the anti-war movement has been completely discredited as controlled opposition.