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Global Elite: The Character Traits of Truly Evil People

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  1. Ed butt says:

    To my mind the evidence is overwhelming and there can be no doubt that a group of wealthy individuals and owners of powerful (but not well know) corporations are pushing for a global totalitarian government.

    Democracy will never be perfect but the collectivist utopia the globalists promise would require us to give up the freedom to think for ourselves and therefore all other freedoms.

  2. Diane Denizen says:

    What they want is a world such as the one depicted in the film Demolition man. It is a film worth watching, because the elitists own Hollywood a lot of their psychoses end up in film. The John Carpenter classic They Live is another excellent film that show how the world we see is constructed by malevolent forces, who, in the past have relied on anonymity, but those days are gone. Now growing numbers of people are aware of the Bilderberg group, CFR and Trilateral Commission. The days of these psychopaths who wrongly assert that they are intellectually superior to all people will soon come to an end.

  3. bobd76 says:

    The globalists have the right idea but lack empathy and compassion. We should as a society strive to better ourselves and be responsible stewards of the planet. We should work toward a global government based on the ideas that this country was founded on. We should learn to solve our problems through logical solutions. We need to get past greed. Science should be our guide and technology our weapon of choice to fight poverty, pollution, hunger and ignorance. I think that Peter Joseph’s “Zeitgeist” films offer the right idea. Any thoughts?

    1. Diane Denizen says:

      The globalists don’t have the right idea at all! Where did that come from? As an environmentalist with a rather good track record, I can say with certainty that the globalizing elitists know nothing of sustainability. When they talk of sustainability they mean what will SUSTAIN their perverted way of life; not what is sustainable for the planet. They speak with forked tongues, just as the elitist wannabes always do.

      1. James says:

        The poster’s comment came from intelligence, Diane. Instead of just spouting opinions at the first post you find, how about considering what the person is writing? He is exactly correct. They do have the right idea, but as always, they twist everything to make it work how they want it, to work their way, to be evil. It is people that cannot see the fine details, like yourself, that really hinder true freedom movements. It is not enough to see black and white anymore people. You have to be more sophisticated than Diane here.

    2. Marie Beckett says:

      I invite you to research and study the Iroquois Confederacy. There can be no “Global” anything love, without FORCE. Even if it is under the guise of love. I am happy that YOU want to be a good steward to the planet and to better yourself. This country was founded on the Iroquois Confederacy beliefs…yet this is not taught in ANY school here in the U.S. But alas, you don’t know what you don’t know. Poverty, pollution, hunger, and ignorance are not solid, 3 dimensional threats that you can fight and kill off like a home intruder or zombie. Povery and hunger are brought upon us by fractional reserve banking and “governments”, pollution is brought on by fascism, or rather “government controlled by corporations” which is who/what all governments are run by. Ignorance is a product of ego and propaganda. I see a lot of “propaganda” verbage in your reply by the way. I do not want to sound as if I am being rude…I just want to point something out that you are not aware of. I also invite you to start with a book written in the 1970’s called the Conspiratorial View of History by Ralph Epperson. Mind you, this is only a START. After reading this, I invite you to continue your research by studying all his reference materials. God speed on your education and let the the rest of the individuals that inahbit this “globe” work put their own solutions. Lastly, so we may continue this conversation, may I ask what SPECIFIC things that you engage in to be a better “STEWARD” to the Earth? I really do want to know…I too, continually look for ways to become more knowledgeable, and perhaps there is something I can learn from you.

  4. roberta says:

    you know what this article really nutshells and answers some of my questions I had about the few creeps, ur elitists at the top. now I understand this is about wanting to be gods, not about profit (tho money and capital is used as a weapon to that end)or love for the earth or mankind in general. this reminds me of gen 3:15 when Jehovah talked about a seed of satan who would rise up and opposed God’s kingdom rulership, this seed would definitly have to be human agents working for satan, these agents don’t necessarily have to know they are serving satans ends, all they have to do is allow him to culitvate in them a desire to be worshipped, a desire to suppress truth especially bible truth or at least discredit it and yes your right, discount the conscions as it stands in the way of their ruling without guilt. the apostle paul called this searing the conscions, if you ignore it long it enough it stops sending alarm bells, this is something that one must do consciously and deliberatly in order for it to happen, also you said they feel superior or as a sepaerate species above the common folk well this is satanic propaganda (the frogs coming out of the wild beasts in revelation symbolized). they actually believe the lies that satan tells them and why should he need to get people to believe these lies? well he can’t materialize, he can’t murder, rape and pillage the earth without human agents to be their robots. he can’t destroy the concept of God, get people to turn from God (because of the increasing wickedness people turn from him) which is what he claimed he could do if given a chance.
    satans primary weapons are pride, ambition, fear to control people. again thanks for this article, it helped me to understand the thinking of these creeps, urr, elitists better.

    1. Diane Denizen says:

      Without doubt you have the right idea here Roberta. However, don’t give them more power by suggesting ‘their god’ is anything more than a servant of something even more sinister-human ignorance! The path to psychopathy is paved with these ‘people’ Alistair Crowley, Blavatsky, the Rockefeller family and of course the grand master servant of evil-Evil-in De Rothschild. Even though I’m a pagan (by ‘their’ terminology) I do reference The Bible on occasion, as there is a lot of truth there, some must be verified by reference to other texts. So what I’m saying here, with no disrespect, is this, be careful how much of The Bible you take at absolute face value, as The Bible has been twisted to suit the agenda. It goes further back than we imagine!

  5. r says:

    Sociopathy has a specific signature profile on the ‘Heart Rate Variability’ reading of cardiographs from standard halter monitors. to The psychopathic profile approaches ‘flatlining’. Psychopathy is a medical problem that is objectively diagnosable. But psychopaths won’t allow testing, let alone treatment ! And because psychopaths run the AMA along with everything else, cardiologists are warned not to interpret the heart rate variability data from halter monitors !

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  7. Ziza says:

    Thank you my dear, finally somebody explain – Bible – I don’t know why people always “use Bible” for political talk? thinking they are much smarter?

  8. Pearl says:

    With every con artist who is greedy, evil, manipulative and without empathy, there is a bunch of willing victims who are disconnected from their own soul, believe in guilt, have investments in being a victim, give their power to others to avoid self-accountability, even greedy themselves.

    The souless artificial intelligence may be guilty of being con artists in the worst possible way. The rest of us are responsible for waking up, re-connecting to our conciousness, give up our excuses to self responsiblity and recognize the con artists as truly powerless machines without our participation.

    Blaming THEM makes us feel good but changes nothing. Taking responsibiliy for ourselves, creating a higher frequency alternative world for everyone who are ready to migrate to, is the way out of this virtual reality mess. Options = choice.

  9. AP says:

    Great article! But you the claim of Globalists and Elitists remains ambiguous, its time to start naming names:

    Somaglia & Farnese
    The Soveriegn Knights of Malta
    The Society of Jesus
    The City Of London
    The Holy Roman Empire (The Catholic Church)
    All branches of Freemasonary


    Peace & Blessings

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  11. Foster Gamble says:

    From Foster:
    I have just now become aware of this comment thread. It’s assumptions about us and THRIVE are totally inaccurate. Kimberly and I are 100% against the covert and coercive UN Agenda 21. I am preparing a detailed blog on this.
    Agenda 21 has no place in the THRIVE Solutions strategy, and in one case an individual was asked not to participate in a local THRIVE group because one of our 2 requirements for participation is that the proposed solutions create no violations. Agenda 21 uses taxpayer funds (unethical theft) to fool and force people into giving up their property and resources to the state. I will go into much greater detail at a later time. Meanwhile, see Rosa Koire’s excellent book “Behind the Green Mask” for a clear primer in all of this.