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Genetic Engineering: Turning Humanity into Slaves

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  1. Len Amato says:

    Back in the 80’s J. Krishnamurti warned us about the results of the computer scientists and geneticists getting together. Your article is a frightening confirmation of Mr. Krishnamurti’s prognostication.

  2. albert says:

    I agree, I’m surprised that people don’t realise that the alarming, dramatic increase in violence and health problems together with the overwhelming evidence of the ruling elite’s depopulation plans points to toxins being purposely introduced into the environment. People really are very stupid, or extremely naive. First, the consolidation of resources (911 to grab oil, the credit crisis to grab money and weaken and put in debt other nations, the global warming carbon trading scam) then comes depopulation, Aids is artificially created. Swine flu is irrefutably artificially made and introduced Baxter pharmaceuticals (Tamiflu makers) was even caught red-handed exporting Avian flu in Vaccines!!!!!They claimed it was an accident but standard protocols make such a thing impossible.
    A weak, unhealthy, scared population is easier to control, aside from toxins, adeno 36 an adenovirus that turns normal cells to fat producing cells is a gold mine, it weakens the people and makes millions for the drug companies in diet treatments.Adeno 36 was also spread artificially. An independent group of scientists must band together to expose the evil that is occurring.
    WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Vladimir says:

    Yes, that is true…
    We – Americans need or must stop eating crappy dangerous poisoned foods that big and rich companies produce. And we need to turn more towards the natural and healthy way of life. Buy from local little farmers, grow your own little organic garden, buy only organic or natural products from stores. Lets make the genetically engineered food companies and drug companies go out of business and lets promote and support only the natural and healthy and organic companies and products. Thank you for your time.