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Freeing the World to Death

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  1. “Indeed, I do not know if any of the so-called “Holocaust-deniers” actually, ever, umm, y’know … deny the Holocaust. They question certain aspects of the Holocaust history that’s been handed down to us, but they don’t explicitly say that what we know as the Holocaust never took place. (Yes, I’m sure you can find at least one nut-case somewhere.)”
    On the contrary, if you remove all the “certain aspects” that Revisionist scholars refute, there is nothing left that can be called a “holocaust” of the Jewish people in any way, shape or form. A holocaust of Germans, yes — a deliberate genocide carried out against the German people during, and especially after, WWII that killed between 15 and 20 million Germans — the vast majority AFTER the war. And very many of the deaths were by such horrendous means that their victims would have thanked God on bended knees for the privilege of dying in a gas chamber. In fact, tens of thousands of Germans in the Eastern Territories, including many whole families, committed suicide rather than face what they knew was coming. And well over 2 million women were raped.
    The Vertreibung of Germans from the Eastern Territories was the largest ethnic cleansing in history, with millions of Germans genocided along the way — why do we never hear of it? Why does no one ever talk about the Germans’ “right of return,” which is a legal reality, just as that of the Palestinians is?

    The pendulum has swung decisively away from the earlier approach of Revisionists saying “We don’t “deny” the “Holocaust” — we merely question some aspects of it,” to telling the truth: the “Holocaust” was and is not only a Big Lie, with no grounding in truth — the easiest kind to put over, by the way, as very few people can imagine such Chutzpah — it is also a massive CRIMINAL fraud: concocted, in part, to cover up the massive war crimes of the Allies (that is your field, right?) The criminal fraud has sucked up uncounted sums of money, framed a whole country as murderers (and thus enabled the fraud’s perpetrators to murder millions of Germans with impunity, brainwash the rest, and then rule over them with a “rod of iron”), and as we all know, steal the Palestinians’ land and goods and genocide them, too, with impunity (so far).

    It really behooves anyone who writes on the subjects that you do to find out the truth about what really happened before, during and after WWII. The information is easy to find on the web — whole scholarly books are available on line. If you are interested in a starting point, you could go to and follow some of the links on the page. Decide for yourself; but not, please, before actually finding out what Revisionist historians really say, and what their evidence is.

  2. ken gillespie says:

    well said. the research available is such that can’t be denied.

  3. Ha'ashkee Dahzii Ya'ai Jii says:

    1. The U.S. seems to be destroying democracy around the world by using war, undeclared, covert, etc. to attack other nations. Many of those other nations aren’t Christian and don’t turn the other cheek – just as Americans never turned the other cheek or are expected to. So, these nations under attack turn away from peace and begin using deadly force to protect themselves.

    2. Secretary Clinton seems to be in charge of attacking Russia and trying to destroy democracy there by going after Putin. She seems to preparing for her own presidential campaign. Russia is still on the agenda.

    3. What did Jesus really say? Should the world be like children or sheep (sheeple) and willing let all of us be killed off by the people who rule America. Or do we have a right to defend ourselves from being killed by evil people – evil people who rape, molest children, and torture, etc., before they reduce America’s population as well as the world’s population, by Kissinger’s 50% ?

    On the other hand:

    a. I support our troops in Iran, when they shoot their officers. The question that my U.S. military detainers at the F.E.M.A. concentration camp will have to answer is, are our troops in Iran. That’s one point for me.

    b. I support our troops in Syria when they shoot their Zionist officers – our rulers don’t need Israel for an excuse to conquer (destroy) the world; William Appleman Williams, in his 2007 book Empire as a way of life: . Same question. Two for me.

    c. I support our troops in Jordan when they shoot their Israeli officers – we have our own American war criminals. Three for me.

    d. I support our troops in Afghanistan when they shoot their officers. Different question, the concentration camp commander will have to answer the following question, does Secretary Clinton get down on her hands and knees and kiss her Master Netanyahu’s butt everytime she visits Tel Aviv or does she wait for him to come to her in Washington, D.C.? I’ll tell the commander that he can find out by asking Bill. If he does, then he’ll be my new cell-mate. Pretty tricky. Four for me. You’re not fooling anyone, Hilary. We Americans are the most brutal sadistic people in the world, always have been; stop scapegoating the Jews.

    Can I physically resist violence? Do I have that right, now that I no longer have the Constitution?

    Although I’m not Jesus, to use my own weakness as an excuse to not turn the other cheek, doesn’t seem to be the answer.