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Free Montather Al-Zaidi and Give Him New Shoes!

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  1. INFERNO says:

    This guy is my new foreign hero,
    Although the shoes caused no damage to Bushes head or face,the message was loud and clear,We sympathize with you,
    “We the People of the United States”,for the most part “do not support our government” when they trample on countries like Iraq or any other peaceful country that they propagandize as terrorist supporting nations…We know that our own officials are the real terrorist and their judgment will come to them shortly I’m sure…
    I personally am deeply sorry for the atrocities that my government has committed against the Iraqi people…Cheney and Dumbsfeld have been committing criminal activity for the Bush syndicate for over 4 decades..We know who’s guilty and we apologize.
    Even if making these statements causes them to label me in some way after they violate my rights and wiretap me,I really don’t care anymore,the army ruined my son in law by putting him in Afghanistan for 3 tours totaling 3 years 8 months out of 5 years in the active duty,he left a loving son and returned a wife abusing thug that has lost all respect for anybody that isn’t white,and has began running with so called self proclaimed white supremacist college kids that think they’re bad asses,but they’re really just scared of a future they know is going down the tubes as I write this…
    Thank you to the Bush nazi cabal for ruining the world with your sick outlook at how you think the world should be,well you know what,WHO CARES what your view of the world is,we didn’t ask you to change the world to suit you best,the people of this planet are waxed tired of your game,the game is about to have a rules change,but it’s not going to be the “elite”,or Bushco.who makes the change,the change is coming in the waking up of the masses to the lies they’ve been fed and they aren’t very happy with the news…Once the full awakening has happened,these tyrants will only be able to hide in their underground bunkers,because if they try to remain on the surface,they will get whet they deserve by someone out there…
    I guess since the “elite” like the darkness so much,it won’t bother them when they spend the rest of their natural life hunkered down in a tube under the earth for fear of being torn apart by the masses,,so get used to your new dwelling place,you’ll be there a long time.