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Electronically Harassed? Help / Suggestions / Info For You

Fritz Springmeier  |  Pentracks 1,540 views
November 18, 2012

Here is some potentially helpful info for those who are electronically harassed as well as gang-stalked. I get a lot of requests for help, here then are some places to learn more.

I have found that one answer doesn’t fit all situations. You will have to play with your situation to find the answers that seem to work, with the realization that the other side is also playing against you. You make a move and they may make a countermove.

Freedom from Covert Harassment & Surveillance (FFCHS) is a major resource and organization that will point you in the direction of other sites. They have conference calls for various aspects of the targeting and electronic harassment just about every night of the week.

Your friend may want to try several of them to find one that is a ‘good fit’. It’s a great experience to get on the phone and commune with others in the same situation.

Several times targeted individuals (TIs) got on the calls from all over the world. Ironically, some people who are only gang-stalked question the credibility of those who are experiencing electronic harassment. So, of course, find a group which can identify with your circumstances.

Here is the link to FFCHS’ page on shielding. Notice that Julianne McKinney is giving her take on it as well. The copper mesh scrubbers are interesting (they’re correct in advising TIs to start with the cheapest materials), in that they are inexpensive and can be fashioned into a hat. One may want to wear a stretchy ski cap underneath at night time to protect your hair.

If there is no evidence of implants, it’s highly likely that the perps have ‘entrained’ on your friend’s EEG. What that means is that any stings, itching, tickling, touching or vibratory sensations are being manipulated through centers in the brain that neurologically access specific parts of the body. That’s why a copper mesh hat may be all that is needed — kind of like a ‘Faraday cage’ — a ‘Faraday hat’ to shield the cranium.

There is some debate as to whether the electronic harassment comes from geosynchronous satellites, or is local. If no implants are in you, then access to the roof of your house is important. If made impossible, then the electronic harassment may stop.

FFCHS’ documents and recommended books:

More TI links:

Someone who was involuntarily chipped:

Mainstream reports on the latest technology:

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  1. Lg Grundy says:

    I am a victim of gang stalking for over 9 years. I need to tell my story. They work with convicts drug users and citizens and of course all the cops and drs everyone is involved. They even turn your family against you.