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Earthquakes On Demand

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  1. Siegfried says:

    According to electric universe proponents, earthquakes, volcanos (and other atmospheric phenomena such as typhoons, hurricanes, and tornadoes) have a strong electric cause, beyond what is commonly understood.

    In this context, the earth would be a charged body, and the atmosphere would act as an insulator between and the ionosphere and solid ground, the whole structure acting as a capacitor. Common lightning would be electric discharges connecting the ionosphere to the ground ehere electric potential is higher or where the path is easier, as it would be through dense clouds and rain.

    According to them, those discharges would occur also underground, and thus earthquakes generally would be surrounded by electric phenomena, such as Saint Elm’s fires, changes in cloud formations, and probably some temperature changes as well.

    Correlation does not mean causation, but if a charged ionosphere could produce earthquakes, then if HAARP is effectively able to charge certain parts of it, maybe there could be some relation. Usually increases in sunspot activity and certain alignments with the moon tend to charge the ionosphere and thus provoke earthquakes.

    Somewhere in that website ( ) I read that looking back at documented earthquakes, they found a relation with these sun – moon events.