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Chemtrails Making A Path For Hurricane Ike?

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  1. Jason says:

    Well, I’m in Atlanta, GA right now and can confirm extensive spraying.

  2. JG says:

    By now many are aware of the chemtrail phenomenon, and have some insight into its agendas and goals — including the extermination of “peasants”. My question is why have none of the NWO types involved been appropriately “held to account” to date — you know what i mean.

  3. admin says:

    Dear JG, by calling it a “phenomenon” you only confirm that too few are aware what chemtrails really are and what they are used for. In this particular case, as Kevin Martin suggests, they are used (in conjunction with the HAARP installation, I suppose) to remotely control the hurricane. Sure you’ve seen sci-fi films about such things. The purpose of those films was to make us believe it’s all about “sci-fi”, but it’s not, not at all! As for why the NWO “types” haven’t been “held to account”, please read the best book about it.

  4. cody says:

    I live in Southern Alberta (Indicated under the “Highest” alert just above montana. I noticed about 12-14 jet streams this morning in the east sky. At 8am the sky was clear blue, by about 10:30 the whole sky became a grey haze.

  5. cody says:

    by the way, this is probably worst spraying I have ever scene, and they spray here regularly

  6. admin says:

    Dear Cody, it’s very important. If you have a camera, any size, any quality, picture it and note the date & hour. As you can imagine Kevin Martin’s work is not sponsored by the gov’t. Such visual confirmation as yours will help him really much. His e-mail is

  7. John J says:

    He’s right! Spraying in numbers along the Gulf!!! How the heck did you find him?!

  8. admin says:

    Hi John J! Saw a link (one of a thousand) at, and just checked out what it was about… Didn’t know it’s SO big! Not sure if Kevin himself realizes HOW important it is for the whole world to know it. Going to follow up his great work! Thank you for you question!

  9. pnwgrl says:

    I live in Portland, Oregon, and we got absolutely pounded last week, especially Friday. However, nothing Saturday, Sunday, or today. We’ve had glorious blue skies too. I’ll check back and let you know whether it resumes again this week.

    How is it possible that everyone in this country doesn’t see what’s happening? I’m sad to say that my brother has a high level position in air quality management for a western state and thinks chemtrails are bunk. Are the majority of people this checked out?

  10. titlated says:

    I live in Calgary , Alberta and confirm Cody is right. It’s pretty blatant , having some Barium with a bowl of cereal right now. Nice. I have photos too.

  11. D-M says:

    Relentless spraying in Cornwall England for 2 years running (or more). If on rare occassions we are allowed to see blue in the early morning it is completely clouded over before noon. 2 summers of trails then haze leading to clouds and rain! And nobody here seems to notice how unnatural those lines in the sky are! Some of the clouds (cumulonimbus) often look very abnormally gray and dirty, not the beautiful pure white I remember from my childhood. They are not storm clouds either. A few nights back in the early morning hours I was relieved, even joyous to see a clear starry night, thinking if nature is allowed we would have a gorgeous sunny day. It was completely clouded over and raining by morning…seems very hopeless. Oh, but they did allow us to have a full day of partly cloudy with no trails on Sunday. 2 years ago I photographed throughout the day to document how these trails change. About mid day the “clouds” began dropping and I could smell malathion. I realized that I have seen very few flying bugs this year, only one or two butterflies, a few moths and no dragonflies. My thought processes are not as clear as they used to be.

  12. chemtrails4life says:

    His map was right, there were no trails at all in SoCal today.

  13. Cameron says:

    Nice forecasts Kevin, the maps are right. Remember people Kevin Martin and OWS are the only people/group to forecast the existance of chemtrails.

  14. andrew says:

    time lapse photography of ct’s is needed. it is most difficult to convince people, especially pilots, including myself until i viewed carnicom’s 2 hour long video. also need photos of vapor trails and skywriting for comparison and education.
    byron bay, nsw australia is heavily sprayed with 80% of population having long lasting recurrent respiratory disease: flu like symptoms, cough, whooping cough, a smattering of deaths from evolving to arterial blockage. to say they are not trying to poison us is questionable with morgellons now showing here.

  15. John J says:

    Kevin Martin might be right. Making a path for? or AGAINST Ike. Maybe they are shielding the Gulf. His latest takes Ike West away from the Northern Gulf.

  16. philip travers says:

    This is Philip from Tyringham N.S.W. on a plateau ,I am regularily seeing white streaks across the sky out here,but not evolving into strange weather patterns.Good luck with your work,I believe you,hope Andrew from Byron Bay can be a bit more scientific,and use a camera.Malathion,is something I have worked with.. its too hard not to remember its smell.I wonder why the Democrats aren’t showing any interest in this!There seems enough evidence even minimal that something about the fuel tanks are off.Some of our Air Force workers were poisoned by having to work inside F111 tanks to repair.Are they just trying to clean their tanks out by some dangerous gunk,and producing illness and paranoia on the side,to make people shut up!?

  17. M H Nagy says:

    This is fascinating, because I observed massive chemtrail spraying in Savannah, GA on Sept 2nd and 3rd, in advance of Hannah. That storm was heading here, and then re-positioned on a westward path and hit the Carolinas.

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  19. pz says:

    Here is SW Montana trails started mid-morning and now at mid-afternoon skies are that typical hazy/cloudy overcast so frequently noted. Have noticed that activity is increased prior to fronts moving in – anyone else?

  20. sniper says:

    I wonder what the hell they want with north west,they have been hitting us pretty hard…. Cheers to all non pj people from the sunshine coast B.C canada

  21. pnwgrl says:

    No spraying today in Portland. Day 4 of wonderful blue skies. How pathetic that this is a treat.

  22. DJamil says:

    We have been absolutely pummeled with trails the past few weeks. I have also noticed black choppers in our skies and a source has told me they are reinforcing bridges to be able to hold tanks. I hear them working on the bridges every day. Smells like fascism to me.

  23. DJamil says:

    oops! I am in Boston, MA (USA)

  24. John J says:

    pnwgrl – According to the Chemtrail Alert System your days of clear skies are over today.

  25. Helio says:

    I only see occasional trails in South East Florida.
    Never the criss cross patterns.
    Wonder why?

  26. pnwgrl says:

    There’s been a few chemtrails today over Portland. So far nothing like last week.

    Last night I watched a documentary that showed footage of Paris in 1997 – lots of visible chemtrails, so this has been going on for quite a while.

  27. Skywatcher2 says:

    I live in the Huntington, WV area and chemtrails are common here as well. I have a theory…maybe they’re lulling us to sleep with relatively harmless spraying, but one day they’ll begin using more and more amounts of toxic substances, like maybe strong strains of bacteria, fungus, or something that will cause an epidemic of what they will call “unkonwn origin”. Remember a few years ago when Bird Flu came about? When dead birds starting showing up everywhere? And remember how old-time coal miners used to be alerted to deadly underground gases? Thats right, birds. They can be one of the first warning signs of something wrong in the air. I have brought up the subject of chemtrails to a local meteriologist and he insists they are just “Con-trails”. But I’m 50 yrs old and I KNOW contrails didn’t stay in the air when I was a kid like they do today. These remain for hours, and spread out to form clouds. They must think we’re stupid or something.

  28. Grizz says:

    Skywatcher, the chem trail agenda is partially a global de-population scheme, and partially an obscuration of the sky to keep us from seeing what is going on up there. There is a lot of UFO activity, and people these days have digital video cameras that they can document sitings with. In addition, they are spewing barium and aluminum to create a plasma state in the ionosphere so that they can use HAARP as an ultimate weapon of mass destruction..Google the Georgia guide stones and read what they say. They mean to drop the earth’s population to half a billion and they have the tools to do it though HAARP and NATO’s spray jets..they can trigger earthquakes, steer hurricanes, milk the vapor streams and stall storm fronts over areas they want cleared along rivers causing massive flooding the likes of which we saw this spring along the Wisconsin and Mississippi rivers. They can make endless snowfall like we experienced last winter here in Wisconsin..These events have caused death and disaster for many people..we see it occurring, and yet are powerless to stop it. Our government is killing us off using our tax dollars to do it..

  29. john says:

    Gibraltar,southern europe,has being violated and still is,sprayed with toxic chemicals from the air atleast 3 times aweek,and guess what?no one question’s the spraying!!!yeah i try to inform the populace about it , but people just do’nt wanna hear it !!!all i say is,if there is a God,well we all better start praying.God save our souls.

  30. Sorrysight says:

    I am glad other people are noticing these phenomenom
    I am in BARBADOS, Caribbean.
    They spray here at night because
    they know there should not be that much aerial activity for a small country of 144 sq.
    When you awake in the morning these lines are in the sky but you never see the EVIL planes during the day.

  31. Gord says:

    Sheffield England non stop spraying for several months, one of the worst summers on record for sunlight.I only became aware of trails in April by chance due to bee population disaster here, but have may photos of the jets.
    Thanks for this site, thought I was losing the plot!

  32. Zito says:

    They sprayed heavily in Austin, Texas December 22, 23, & 24th…and again on December 28, 29, 30, & 31…all day long…from East to West, North to South…I wrote the local weatherman on one of the tv stations, no answer…for a very late to this topic, person…I am amazed at how many people don’t look up! We used to have the most beautiful blue skies…after this spraying, which starts early in the a.m. goes on for hours, those icky flimsy clouds start and the blue goes away and the sun doesn’t get through…I have seen the X and the checker pattern…and it was my FIRST time to notice…I’ve been in office buildings for 30 years, and usually don’t come out during the day…my hours were flexible those two weeks, and so I saw them, but they were so obvious and blatent, how could anyone miss them? Why aren’t more people talking about this or concerned about this? I did not hear back from the weatherman. I searched 2 stations websites, not one word on chemtrails. How can weather people ignore this? Why aren’t their doppler radar and video cams showing these blatant chemtrails? Also, going up I35 from Austin to Dallas on Christmas Day I saw something that shocked the heck out of me…2 huge chemtrails, thick, I mean long, massive, and 2 jets on a connecting course into a “V” in the distance…they happened to go over our heads…again, IF I hadn’t of seen it with my own eyes, I would not have believed it…Tonight, January 6th, sad to say…they are spraying Austin at night as well, by 7:00 p.m. we had chemtrails again…I’m 48…I’ve lived within 2-7 miles of an airport for the last 18 years, and I have NEVER seen anything like it…these are not the contrails of our youth…you can still see the occasional TRUE contrail in the sky…this is NOTHING like that…Yes, I get the cough…and yes the scattered unfocused thoughts. Thanks for the info.

  33. Zito says:

    I meant to say, today, January 7th…I just checked the chemtrail prediction map on this website, and it was right on…I did not notice any spraying last night the 6th…

  34. Zito says:

    One more comment…my thoughts are they sprayed so heavily around the holidays knowing more people would be outside…we had some VERY unusual weather patterns in Austin up to Dallas…one day 82 degrees, next day, 42 degrees…it makes me wanna wear a face mask, not go outside, and move away…but based on the spraying map, no part of the U.S. (not to mention other countries) are safe…looks like they have the money, resources, and help to accomplish their goal of spraying everyone and everything…

  35. Pandoras out... says:

    I’m sorry I’m sorry late joining the forum. Just read it and e-mailed Kev with a snap of CT’s spreading thier crap over our soon to be non-pristine Rockie Mountains Alberta Canada West of Red Deer. Siffluer Falls.

  36. admin says:

    It’s not a forum, but you’re welcome 😉

  37. mike says:

    This Water Purifier (liquid) keeps water pure for 5 years.

    It can’t hurt to have this in our body for protection against this crap they are dumping on us.

    Get You Some!!!!!!!

  38. deanna clark says:

    Obvious chemtrails have been over Savannah this month. Children say it looks like tic-tac-toe all over the shy. What in God’s name is it? We are half a mile from Hunter Army field which has an underground city for the safety of big shots. If you are the only meteorologist who can see tic-tac-toe all over the sky the weather racket is in big trouble.