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Chemtrails: Kill 2 Billion to Make It Cool

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  1. David says:

    This is like “Operation Dark Storm” in the Animatrix, where the sky was covered in smoke to block out the sun!

  2. Beth Davis says:

    Millions all over the world see every day planes so high they can not hear them. they know these plains by the shere numbers of them are not passenger plains. we all know what a contrail is we all know the steem, because that is what a contrail is and will soon disperse as soon as it cools when we all see chemtrails film them set them to music build up pages on the web and debate them we in fact do nothing about what is going on.Democracy was won on the streets not a computer it was won by harasing the political might won by protest marches and strikes it was won because people showed a force of opinion where it could be felt most. Write to your governments your local governers arrange to be in the open on a special day across the world in every nation. twitter and talk off line put stickers on your cars to raise awareness.Why is it classed as a conspiracy those are hidden the facts cross your sky everyday day.
    It is not a maybe or perhaps it is you know the government knows it the military knows it the scientists knows it. Those that do know are too frightened of ridicual to go public or it is the same denial being played out that prevented the Germans from faceing the reality of the death camps under there nose’s. Just how healthy is it that people continue to use a computer in a club like form a sort of in house forum that does not hit the mark and bring action .God help us because we do not help ourselves.

  3. Antoinette says:

    I believe this project was also called Project Cloverleaf.

  4. AZgirl7 says:

    The “project” is called SOFT KILL, because there’s plausible deniability when you get sick and die later. Just like GMO foods, vaccines, Rx drugs, lab created viruses, Smart Meters, etc etc.