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Canada Not Alone to Have Never Been a Democracy

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  1. Bug Stomper says:

    If Canada “… only pretends to protect the people.” Then when I had my stroke, I’d be dead! They saved my life, and because I’ve an OHIP card, I paid for no operations, or being in the hospital for 8 months! Try that in the USA?

  2. admin says:

    Dear Bug Stomper. You only confirm the article, and even add to the author’s arguments: they saved your life because you had an OHIP card. You know very well that everybody doesn’t have it, and it’s the government officials that decide who is eligible to have or not to have one. This means that the government decides whom to save and whom to let die in a similar situation. If not ALL the people are protected, without exception and unconditionally, then I can see no difference between a government and a private club.