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Do Not Buy iPhone 5nSa

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  1. Maia says:

    I for one never personally desired anything involved with Apple products period. Yet I know numerous people who live for their iphones, ipads, etc. Although none of our technological devices are free from monitoring & collecting our data, daily usage, it was always something about Apple products in general that never felt right to me. Years ago I read an article when Apple first came out with the i products, basically the author stated if they made an iturd, people will buy that too.

    Just as Google has taken over everything android, even as far as you cannot operate your phone without signing up for gmail, or using the play store to use apps. Sadly we are slaves to these companies where they make it almost impossible to evade “existing” without some form of electronic communication device. With all of these major conglomerates (Facebook, Google, Apple, Yahoo, Twitter, Instagram, too many others to list), they’re all on the same team in the data collection business.