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Beware the Ides of March 2012

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  1. jaja says:

    Nice article.

    I would dispute that there has ever been “individual” wars as such but rather there has been one perpetual war for a good few thousands years now… the 800 year long crusade campaigns must count as the first organised “world” war anyway?

    This isn’t a New World Order that is being ushered in, it’s already here and it’s been here for some time. The apocalyspe is merely the unveiling of that which has been hidden [beneath peoples noses] until these times.

  2. Toxo says:

    …as a result of world domination of the species by Toxoplasmosis gondi, psychopaths rule…

  3. derrick says:

    Very good article indeed. I feel this is the only way the false messiah can rule the world after world war 3. Otherwise how else would it be possible for him to rule from Jerusalem? It is true, that both sides are controlled for the benefit of the Zionists grand plan of destroying the world in order to “rebuild” to their preference. Unfortunately,this must come to pass.