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Betting in the Endgame

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  1. Tom says:

    Passing thought –

    1. Put x amount of people on a desert island. People chosen at random from the world.

    2. 10% (say) will assume control over the rest – because they are “smarter” (more intelligent + more crafty, etc.)

    3. There will be 10% (say), who will protect these controllers. (Bodyguards, police, men with guns.) These guys will always be paid, because the controllers will squeeze the 80% mass of people. ($$) (Who are unable to stop it.)(e.g. your tax is taken out of your pay packet Before your wages reach you.)

    Question is –
    Is there any other way?

  2. admin says:

    Wrong, Tom! At the time the 10% “assume control over the rest,” they cannot squeeze the 80% – they don’t have money to pay those men with guns yet! At that stage, control has been willingly given to them by the 80%, that’s the problem! (Provided that “desert island” means the 10% get no support from abroad.)