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Austerity Fascism Is Coming And It Will Be Brutal

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  1. Kiki says:

    I suspect the beginning of this planned Armageddon occurred on 11th September, 2010 and has extended to the BP oil spill and multiple “natural disasters” including both Katrina and the most recent earthquake in Haiti. We – all of earth’s people, are witnessing an all-out assault as war is being waged upon us, albeit clandestinely. This may in fact be the emergence of a Third World War, in a way that we have not expected. Where once, the color of your skin or your gender seemed to save you, there will be no such farce of a “safety net;” for, those who played with the big dogs shall now themselves be eaten by them.
    Listen-up people of the world: You ARE powerful. WE are powerful. Don’t stop THINKING. The human mind is powerful. We can think our way out of any apparition. Use the power of thought.

  2. MadChengi says:

    Guess why there are all these GMS/UMTS antennas??? When riots start, they will switch them into thermo-microwage weapons or sort of…I never trusted them!!! The antennas will make us all kneel down on the ground, like from a taser! Fuck cell phones!!!

  3. Olive Farmer says:

    The circumstance Schama left out of his article is the imminent collapse of the Western currencies. As experienced in the Weimar republic, such a collapse forces the middle classes into extremist politics. I suspect the global elite both desire and are planning for revolutions, for through revolution can be born heightened fear and fascist/communist totalitarianism (as in the elite sponsored Russian revolution and the Nazi takeover in Germany) or pwerhaps a new form of totalitarian system, under a new name but still with jackboots.
    Perhaps the “Common Purpose” organisation is there to form a control grid during this period of change.
    There will be much pain before the great change comes. Fear nothing, live in love, forgive.
    Olive xxx xxx xxx