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America Totally Discredited

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  1. Allen says:

    Another important question is what would a missile attack bring, surely not peace !!! It would bring more death of innocents, who say that in the streets of Damascus the government buildings are mixed in between the places where people live, they have nowhere to hide.
    The Potus is sooo stained in blood that it could never be washed away, just think of all the drone deaths. Its sick and evil. Kerry makes my blood boil as well, also McCain. What a bunch of devils.

  2. Ed Howes says:

    A nation of fools have government indoctrinate their children for several generations and see no problem with it. “Here, give us your children, you need to get to work and pay taxes to keep a roof over their heads and pay for government protection. And the people pretend to choose leaders from among them who prefer to serve money, as they do also. This IS democracy!