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A Conscious Jump Out of the Fishbowl

Ghis & Mado  |  Personocratia 849 views
November 20, 2012

What is Consciousness?

The evolution of species on Earth was the means to achieve an evolution of consciousness inside matter. The increasing complexity of forms — from rock to plant to ant to bird to mammal to man — allowed consciousness to evolve inside new bodies that could do more and more exciting things.

What is consciousness? The word has become quite fashionable nowadays, but its meaning varies from one user to the next.

Most people believe that being conscious is being able to think straight. To them mind and consciousness are similar. To grow in consciousness, I need to think really hard. If my brain cells heat up, it is a good sign. I think, therefore I am! Strangely, the creators of atomic bombs and chemtrails are very bright thinkers, but they are not very conscious beings.

Others compare consciousness to morality and fall into the trap of right and wrong. Each religious or legal system has its own definition of what is moral and immoral. However, bishops and judges are not necessarily very conscious beings.

Now that humanity stands on the brink of extinction on an agonizing planet, I need a more precise definition of the word “consciousness”. Personocratia defines it as a level of awareness concerning the reality inherent to all that exists. When I grow in consciousness, I become more aware of reality. What is meant here by “reality” is a true perception of the universe that is not distorted by fear.

Do you know that most human beings perceive a very small portion of the world that surrounds them? I can only perceive 0.5% of what exists, according to physicist Giuliana Conforto. The machines human beings invented to hear better, see further, smell or taste more subtly are limited extensions of their own senses. Since I base my actions on the information I received from these five very imperfect senses, it is difficult to tell the difference between what is real and what is not.

As I grow in consciousness, I become increasingly aware of reality since I get less distortion in my perception.

Consciousness and Fear

My perception of reality — my consciousness — is inversely proportional to my level of fear.

“Fear? No, not me. I am not afraid of anything!” is a common answer.

Are you aware that the survival of the species is based on the fear of death? Fear and consciousness ride the same seesaw. When one goes up, the other comes down. The higher the fear, the lower the level of consciousness at any given moment. I might soar at a very high level of consciousness when I meditate in a forest, but when a bear shows up and the fear surges inside of me, my consciousness comes down to a much lower level called run-for-your-life-or-stay-put-and-shit-in-your-pants.

Surprisingly, human beings are both the most conscious and the most fearful animals on Earth. Their superior minds increase their capacity to become more conscious, but also enhance their ability to foresee trouble and invent non-existent threats. Generally, the more conscious they are, the more they think, and the more afraid they get.

However, what is special about human beings is the presence of free will. Free will is what allows human beings to become true individuals who can think, speak, and act in agreement with their inner voice, even if this implies being in disagreement with the rest of the human herd. Free will allows them to consciously choose to do what their inner voice demands, even when they are afraid. Doing something that I am afraid of doing automatically increases my level of consciousness.

Consciousness As an Elevator

Consciousness can be compared to an elevator. The higher I get, the farther I see and the better I perceive the reality that surrounds me. As my consciousness grows, my body vibrates at a higher frequency that allows me to “see” things from a “higher” level, a broader perspective.

This growth in consciousness always has a double effect. First, it allows for a true perception of who I am and what surrounds me. Then, it creates a dynamic and creative energy which brings about the proper action. There is a direct interdependency between my perception and my action. The better my perception of reality, the more precise my action becomes, and vice versa. This allows for the progressive and unlimited unfolding of consciousness.

There is an infinite number of frequencies of consciousness, but these can be divided into seven different levels, much like the different floors of a building.

  1. BASEMENT: It is night and pitch dark. There are no windows. I can see or hear nothing.
  2. GROUND FLOOR: It is dark. A roof extends over the window and I can barely see the ground outside.
  3. FIRST FLOOR: There is half-light, as if the sun had not yet risen. I can see flowers but the view is blocked by a wall.
  4. SECOND FLOOR: It is dawn. The sun’s rays are beginning to light up the sky. I can see trees and a hill beyond.
  5. THIRD FLOOR: It is bright. The sun is rising. The shadows become smaller. I can now see beyond the hill, where sheep are grazing in the fields.
  6. FOURTH FLOOR: There is light. The sun is shining on a river far away. The shadows have almost disappeared.
  7. ROOFTOP: Nothing blocks the sun anymore. I can see all around, and the shadows have disappeared. No more walls enclose me.

At each moment, I stand on a particular floor of my own building and I experience a specific level of consciousness. I can never convince someone that what they see outside of their building is wrong and that I am right. It is a question of perspective. What one sees feels as real to them as my own view looks real to me. When I am at the same level of consciousness as someone else, we see things the same way. I smile and say: “We are on the same wavelength.”

An Evolutionary Crisis of Consciousness

As long as I stand inside the building, I behave exactly as a fish in its fishbowl. For the past while, the water level in the fishbowl has gone down. The colour of the water is turning a murky green. Food is getting scarce and breathing is becoming increasingly difficult. The future looks bleak! As long as I didn’t suffer too much, there were no questions asked. I would swim around clockwise during the week. Every weekend, I would go around counter clockwise.

Nowadays, I have become aware that all the fish turn in circles until they die, belly up. They are thrown away and replaced by younger fish. What do they die of? Fear and exhaustion! They spend their life keeping away from big fish and banging into invisible glass walls. Nowadays, the big fish have grown nastier and hungrier. Life in the fishbowl has become so infernal that I am now dreaming about jumping out of the fishbowl.

The problem is that I am terrified to do it! Will I be able to breathe and eat? Will an unknown predator gobble me up? If I jump out of the fishbowl, there is no guaranty of success. It is a leap into the unknown. Two things motivate me: this endless suffering and the impression that I am going towards a colossal dead end.

I will decide to jump out of the fishbowl only when I realize that I cannot keep my present lifestyle, nor can I go back to a more traditional one. The good old days are gone! Old tricks will not do. I need a completely new solution.

One day, my living conditions become so intolerable that I finally decide to jump out. That is when I discover that I am not a fish and there is no fishbowl!

When I examine how nature works, I notice that evolution always has a purpose. However, the path leading from one species to the next appears only when environmental conditions become unbearable. That is exactly the situation humanity is presently facing on planet Earth.

Homo sapiens is now experiencing its final extinction. All governments are corrupt. The banking system serves only the rich. Moral values are crumbling. The very basic structure of society is collapsing, while family traditions are being blown to pieces. The last thing I need to do is cry. It is time to celebrate! That is how evolution works. It never goes back!

Unlike fish, human beings can dream. They can consciously aspire for change and act accordingly. When they become aware that humanity is a transitional species and that the time for the big change has come, they can decide to go with it and become Personocratias, or to die of fear and exhaustion from fighting it. Which will you choose?

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