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36 Signs Fukushima is Affecting the West Coast

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  1. Lode says:

    All this will force humanity to seek and find alternative ways of generating energy. Many inventions already exist, but the “elite” consists of socio- and psychopaths who care more for money and power than the wellbeing of their fellow humans. They don’t know Who their true Identity is, just as all of us have forgotten by taking on the human experience.

    So this is like an alarm clock going off. First one hits the snooze butten and dozes on for a while. But then it goes off even louder, and one realizes one has to wake up, get up, and start moving.

    All this is also planned directed from Back Stage by our souls while the body sleeps. On that spiritual level we want to force ourselves to wake up to our true Identity, become aware of our potential, and cooprate with the Creator in turning this nightmare into a happy dream of awakening for starters. Then the creation of heaven on earth will be accomplished.

    In the mean time this is like a purgatory: the process of having all erroneous perceptions “purged” away, replaced by the Divine Truth.

    The ultimate Source of all energy is our true Self. We will be calling on It as the nightmare becomes worse. And It will respond, all according to the Divine Plan in which we fully cooperate as we know Back Stage. The perfect happiness we enjoy in that state will be extended to this virtual reality called “Earth.” That was the Plan from the beginning.

    The latter includes what we would call “miracles” we cannot even conceive of yet. The change of perception is the real miracle, the resulting positive changes in this world its result.

  2. Lode says:

    Speaking of Back Stage synergy and cooperation, after writing the above and posting it, look what I was somehow guided to find just now:

    “Full ver 1/2 Nuclear disaster, Bashar”

    Part 2 is on the same page.

  3. Lode says:

    Also in line with the idea expressed above is the clip on the same page entitled:

    “UFO’s support against radioactive contamination, Bashar”

    By “UFO’s” is of course meant “beings having at least a technologically advance knowledge, and probably a more developed spiritual knowledge as well.”

    This also refers to our true Identity, be it disguised in our human appearance. As humans we will call more of our original Self-awareness up, in this case in large part thanks to our brave fellow beings appearing here in the shape of the Japanese, who are willing to go through this ordeal to make all of us understand we have to open up to information not stemming from the ego and this world, as otherwise as humans we will self-destruct.

    This is what I meant when saying that Back Stage we agreed to have this happen in this virtual reality, in order to strongly nudge ourselves awaken to the marvelous truth of our true Identity and It’s limitless potential. That limitless potential of our true Being has also been called “Love.”